Porsche Registers the "919" Moniker

Porsche 918 Spyder

A few weeks ago it was reported that Porsche was preparing to add a new sports car to its lineup. It has also been rumored that the new model — set to be placed between the 911 and the 918 — will be called the 961 . The latter rumor may not come to fruition, as Porsche has just registered the "919" name at a German patent office. The new combination of numbers is listed as a "word mark,” meaning that it will be used in an upcoming production model.

What we cannot tell for sure is if this newly trademarked model is indeed the long-rumored sports car. The uncertainty seeps in because the "919" name make us think of a model placed above the 918, not between the 911 and 918.

The "919" name was registered in October and in the past few days it was entered in the patent register. We expect to hear more details about this new model in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Source: GT Spirit


i think we debate in vain. we will see what that car will be.

if i rely on the german way of being logical and calculated, the 919 should be the next car to replace the 919.

i think gary is right. i mean, why make a ca that is less powerful and name it so close to the top car they have?

i am quite sure the 919 is the next hyper-car after the 918. at least that’s what the name suggests.

if the 919 will be somewhere in between the 911 and the 918, i bet it will be close to the 918.

hey, hyper-cars like these ones take years to create. so by the time they are done with it, the 918 will have had it’s time.

but they just launched the 918, already thinking about a new one?

on a second thought, the 919 seems more likely to be the successor of the 918. after all, 918 + 1 = 919...

we should be glad porsche has a new car in mind. whatever it will be, all we porsche fans shall like it.

maybe the 918 is hardtop and the 919 will be a roadster.

well, they have the boxter and the cayman, which are close enough. maybe the 918 and the 919 will be the same.

why place a car between the 911 and the 918?

well, any new car porsche brings is at least good. i think this one will be great!

whatever the new car will be, i bet it will be great!

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