Porsche reviving the 928?

It’s the return of the rumor of a new Porsche 928 . Ever since the four-door Panamera had been a rumor, there were coupe rumors to go with it. Now the Porsche’s first sedan is about ready to hit the streets , while rumors of a coupe has slowly faded away. Now the coupe buzz is back, and this one’s pretty credible.

At a press meeting about the Panamera, Porsche’s design chief Michael Maur confirmed that he’s working on a new coupe project. It seems that sales at Porsche are moving away from entry level/smaller cars such as the Cayman and Boxster and are moving towards the larger vehicles like the 911 and Cayenne. So Porsche is looking to place another large car in its lineup. While the Panamera will likely be the base of the new 928, there is no word yet on how different the sheetmetal will be.

The original 928 was designed to replace the 911, but history had other plans for it. The 911 proved evergreen, which gave the 928 an awkward and doomed place in Porsche’s lineup. This time if the 928 comes back, it will be for 911 owners who need more room, and as a direct competitor to more luxurious sportscars like Bentley’s Continental GT .

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I always liked the 928, but then again i also have always had a spot in my heart for a lot of awkward 80’s cars. I’m just sick like that what can i say. so in other words i’m cool with this, infact i kind of look farwds to it, providing its existence doesn’t give some jack the idea to remake Scarface that is.

This only means one thing. The brand is not enough. A car must be able to prove itself before you can say that it’s fit for a Porsche.

It seems to me that 928 is up for a challenge, not with other brands but with its very own predecessor.

This 928 would need a good marketing to put it’s name in the Porsche line up. Once it does this means 928 really had debuted as a class in itself

if 928 can pull it out, sure enough some would have an extra space in their garage for this one.

I love 911 over 928 and that’s a period. But I hope 928 makes a real facelift into a sedan that will really rock.

This is expected to come out on 2011 right? A spawn of 4 door Panamera to a two door GT. This front-engine Porsche will likely cost for about $100,000, with prices of higher-horsepower versions with $150,000.

I am not to concerned with the 928

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