Porsche's future plans revealed

When it comes to the Black Stallion, everyone has big expectations. And why shouldn’t they? Porsche , after all, has been designing and building exquisite automobiles since 1931 and has never done anything to disappoint its customers. Or have they? Some might say that Porsche has fallen off the true sportscar wagon they helped create by adding SUVs, hybrids, and diesels to their lineup, but we think that most people will be happy with the future plans that Porsche has decided to share with us all. In the next four years, Porsche plans to unveil no less than six new models or facelift versions, which, if anyone is keeping track, is even more than their automaker brethren, Ferrari .

In 2011, the German company will bring hybrid and diesel versions for the Panamera. They will also be bringing the Cayman Clubsport , an improved version of the Cayman that will deliver between 320 and 330 HP. In 2012, we will see a new Boxster and Cayman. The new models will get new hard-tops and slightly extended platforms to improve the cars’ cabins and luggage space.

In 2013, Porsche will bring the long-rumored "baby-Boxster ," a Volkswagen BlueSport-based car that will be offered in both coupe and roadster versions. In the same year we will also see the new 928 , a Panamera-based Gt powered by a V8 engine. And finally in 2014, Porsche will bring a facelift version for the Cayenne and the production version of the 918 Spyder .

Source: Autocar


Can’t wait for 2014, I love Cayenne so much and they have a new look.

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