Porsche to offer more turbocharged engines

Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche ’s only turbo engines are found in the 911 Turbo , the Cayenne Turbo , and the Panamera Turbo , but that all may change soon. Porsche is planning on replacing natural aspiration with turbocharging in a series of other models, including the model set to carry the previously rumored four-cylinder engine .

These new turbo engines will have the advantage of delivering more horse power, as well as reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The car will also be equipped with a turbo engine that will sound completely different, which certainly matters when comparing sports cars.

In an interview with Dutch magazine, Autovisie, a Porsche technician offered a few more details on this upcoming technology: "Turbos are purely for improving the performance and are still only used on the top models. But the combination between smaller engines and turbocharging is a very promising way to lower the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Because of these two factors we will be offering turbo engines in models below the top series in the future. A four-cylinder boxer engine with a turbo is conceivable. But as before, the name 911 Turbo will only be for the model with the highest level of performance used."

We’ll see if we can dig up more information to pass along, so stay tuned!

Image above is a rendering of the 2013 Porsche 911/991 Turbo .


Now that they’ve come to the Turbo engine models, I’m looking forward to they can still have improved and enhanced engine for better market and sales.

Using turbocharged engines on their Porsche models is a bit risky, and they should have focus on the safety with the geared engine. We could expect that this will be a break trough and to focus mainly on powerful models create urges to drive one of it.

It’s sounded great. It feels like my first time to hear promising news like this. So I guess we should wait for the turbocharged engine vehicles.

This is better than remaining with its old engines. Porsche is highly popular, so I think they shouldn’t get left behind no matter what.

This sort of means that Porsche is slow, right? I’ve heard of turbocharged engines before, but I’m not sure if they’re of the same quality as Porsche’s.

If only they have thought of this earlier, then their sales are probably a lot higher now.

Isn’t Porsche kind of too late for this?

With this, I guess Porsche’s models will become even more popular as they get more powerful and efficient.

I have no idea why Porsche is receiving criticisms instead of praises and flattery upon the revelation of this plan. Well, I think it’s because people are expecting a lot from Porsche.

@suzet001: Then again, you might have figured that they haven’t found out the solution those times yet. :P

They should have applied this before. This should have helped a lot of consumers and the environment.

Why has Porsche not thought of this before? This will boost the sales of their automotive higher.

Porsche should really use these engines on most of their innovations as they’re all best-sellers. Every single car are deserving of fuel efficiency and low CO2 emission.

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