Porsche working on a baby Cayenne based on the Audi Q5

Sports car maker Porsche plans a new model, with help from Audi. The new model, a "baby" Cayenne will actually be a transformed Q5. The name for the model, Porsche Roxster, has been already copyrighted by Porsche. All its technology will come from the next Audi Q5, the model that goes on sale in September 2008.

Both Q5 and the Roxster are road cars with sporty handling characteristics and high achievement.

Also Audi will get inspired by Porsche technology in one of its future models: the R4. An affordable sports car placed between TT and R8, the 2010 R4 will be inspired by the Boxster and Cayman, not only on its technology, but also design will be inspired by Porsche models.

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