Possible BMW 1M spotted testing near M-Division headquarters

It’s amazing what you can happen to come upon while taking a ride in the countryside. These photos were taken in Garching, Germany and while some of the images appear to be nothing more then an ordinary traffic jam, but if you look carefully you might notice the red BMW 1-Series that’s sticking out like a sore thumb, which makes these photos a little more interesting.

What’s so interesting, you ask?

Well, if you put one and one together – and by one and one, we mean a BMW 1-Series driving in Garching, which incidentally, is the stomping grounds of the brand’s in house high performance tuners at the M Division – then you just might be looking at the new BMW M1 . Of course, there’s no confirmation of this other than the facts that we have just given you, but looking at the car, it does bear some striking similarities to the new BMW 135i .

Source: 1Addicts


This is funny, there is a new job in town. A car paparazzi is in great demand.

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