Possible Dodge Dart SRT4 Image Leaked

Yesterday we saw the latest addition to the Dodge Dart lineup in the form of the new GT version and today we get to see what appears to be the first leaked image of the most awaited version — the SRT4 . This version has been rumored ever since Dodge unveiled the standard Dart at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

All we had until now were rumors, but it appears that this is the final rendering of the SRT4 model that was posted online by a Chrysler employer. He also announced that the SRT4 model will be unveiled in March or April.

The upcoming Dart SRT4 is rumored to feature a turbocharged version of the 2.0-liter engine with its output raised to the 285-horsepower range. Additionally, the SRT4 will be distinguished from the rest of the lineup by a meaner and sportier appearance.

The Dodge Dart SRT4 is rumored to be priced at under $30k.

Source: Carscoop


I am surprised that they didn’t do a spectacular car , technically speaking.

I hope people will like it more then i do. for their own goodsmiley

I love the way they sound, at least the trucks. they give me goosebumps.

powerful or not, I am almost sure it will be noisy cause they usually are.

I like the way it looks even though it is not very powerful.

when i think about dodge, only kind of cars that i have in my mind are the trucks.

this picture is hilarious! How it was taken? you took a picture of your desktop?

looks nice, but not very agressive as i was expected.

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