Pretty in Pink: Ferrari California gets cotton candied

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It seems more and more people are finding new and interesting ways to bring out their personality in their vehicles, but while earlier we displayed a Lamborghini Gallardo whose owner thought Grigio Antares was the way to go, this car owner thought a little more on the bright side for her Ferrari California .

Okay, so we don’t really know if the car owner is a woman, but we could only hope that a woman is behind covering the beautiful sports car in the sissiest of colors around: bright cotton candy pink. If this owner was trying to make a statement then she definitely succeeded. We just don’t know if we like what she’s saying. There’s just something about covering up a 4.3L V8 engine producing 460hp with a whole lot of pink that just doesn’t feel right.

The bad part is, this vehicle isn’t the only one that has gotten hit with the pink stick. Paris Hilton’s car is well-known as the very pink Bentley Continental GT and we have even seen a pink Maserati GranCabrio . Of course, our favorite is still thepink Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV because, well, that car could look good in just about anything.

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haha. I don’t think that the car has a smooth surface! I have to admit that Ferrari California has an impressive styling. The pink Bentley would be a best choice.

Wow! I’m really impressed with the styling of the car! However, its just sad that they haven’t offered an awesome boost in the power output of the vehicle.

I like how they painted this car. It look so smooth even on edges. I do love also the pink version of the Bentley especially the Lambo.

I don’t know, but I really don’t think that Ferrari and pink matches up perfectly. It really feels off. But then again, this is just my opinion.

hm for me it looks great even on stock wheels. I do vote for a wheel change hehehe.

they should also replace the set wheels for this baby to make it more aggressive and menacing.

well it looks nice in pink does it? but for male driver it should be red or yellow one.

At least you know to watch out when you see them in the mirror!

what? pink for men? i guess that was odd one. i do wear pink but never painted my car in pink. and it will never be.

honestly there is a saying that real man do wear pink... I guess that saying is true, many friend of my do turn their car into baby pink with while racing stripes.

well many females are now up to sports car usually they color their car with pink with a logo of hello kitty on the hood...

impressive color, for sure this baby wont miss any car show around California. for sure the owner of this baby is also a good looking female.

Thats just wrong!

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