Problems with the iPhone 4 and iOS4 upgrade running amuck

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iPhone users beware! Apparently, Apple did not fix all of the bugs in the iOS4 update before releasing the jacked up modification to iPhone users. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the iOS4 is causing users to lose their iPhone-To-Car stereo connection causing one user to listen to "only 3 songs all day because they keep starting over when i (sic) get calls!!!!"

Complaints are simply flooding Apple support forums with iPhone users pleading and demanding for this problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

"Upgraded to iOS4 a few hours ago. Went to my car and plugged it into the USB port of my pioneer stereo and it says ’Not compatible.’ My stereo has always worked with my iphone. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP, APPLE."

"Hi Had the same problem this morning on my way to work. I have a JVC KD-R601 and as most of you are saying it has worked flawlessly with OS3. Tried a hard reset and nothing is curing it. Will there be a further OS update to fix this?"

Apparently, the update isn’t the only thing that has caused a fumble. The new iPhone 4 is said to lose signal when held at certain angles or by its sides and the screen is susceptible to a yellow discoloration.

Did Apple jump the gun in releasing the iPhone4 and the iOS4 update? Should they have delayed sales until all of the bugs were worked out? We know how sensitive iPhone users can be when it comes to their phones (we have a slight obsession with our own iPhones) so we would have to agree that this problem is one that should be dealt with immediately. Drop a comment to let us know what you think.


I wonder if this thing was already fixed? And do iPhone has already distributed this gadget on the market?

hmm. Its been a year already so I guess this problem has been fixed. I was thinking on why does iPhone involve in this kind of controversy.

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Well, just continue to check some of its modifications. Don’t just plug it and run its application without testing it.

shocking news, after they release a drooling news about the iphone4 they will say that "be aware"? what is this joke?

dang APPLE should do something with this problem.

iPhone users beware! Apparently, Apple did not fix all of the bugs in the iOS4 update before releasing the jacked up modification to iPhone users

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Well I think Alexander did a wrong post here.

Following Amillet’s logic, Topspeed should also produce articles on bikini contests... An insightful offering on the next generation of nav options, etc would be a more fitting gadget subject for the targeted market.

This is posted to the site because it follows suit with the target market group. Typically, if you like fast cars, you like gadgets. We know we do. : )

This has nothing to do with cars, why is this posted on topspeed???

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