Production is stopped on the GM Saturn and

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Problems at GM as fault with engine mount causes production and sales to be halted.

Production is stopped on the GM Saturn and Acadia.

It is more a less always the same when new models appear on the market, we either love them or hate them, but that is personal preferences, but when it comes to reliability and the quality of the finished product we are all thinking the same thoughts, we want what pay for and we want it to last. We know that there teething problems, yet these should be seen before the cars hit the road, and yet here we are with another major car maker having to halt production and stop any new cars from being delivered to the customers who have just bought their new cars.

In the case of the Saturn and Acadia, they have a problem, but it is a silly problem that can easily be rectified and so this should not really have happened in the first place, however the problem is to do with the engine mounts where water collects and in the conditions can freeze and therefore cause damage over a period of time, the solution is to drill a couple of holes and that is it, it is said that the problem only effects around 500 vehicles, but at least it has be found and sorted out.

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