Production ready Lexus LF-L spied on the Nürburgring

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Production ready Lexus LF-L spied on the Nürburgring

The last time we heard anything about the future Japanese super car from Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus, it was that the automaker was dropping the much hyped LF-A nameplate from their 500 HP V10 powered speed machine to a much more prestigious Le Mans inspired LF-L to celebrate the new car’s scheduled appearance at the Circuit de la Sarthe next spring after it makes its international auto show debut in Tokyo this October .

What is so surprising about this particular preproduction version of the upcoming super car from Lexus is that aside from what appear to be a set of stickers doubling as headlight masks, the LF-L that was spotted lapping the Nürburgring was devoid of any camouflage whatsoever. For the first time we can see how clean the body lines of the road going version of the Japanese sports car will be without being cluttered up by bulky black plastic pieces.

Under the hood, the LF-L will use a 4.8L “1LR-GEU” V10 engine with a rear mounted transaxle that includes a sequential six-speed gearbox. The Lexus LF-L will be offered with ASG (Automated Sequential Gearbox) that will have four modes, Auto, Normal, Sport and Wet; the cog swapper will be capable of making shifts via Formula 1 style paddles in 0.2 seconds when in Sport mode. If the production version of the LF-L goes as good as this car looks, Lexus will have no problem moving all 500 examples.

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I would love to own a GT-R as well as the LF-L. Great job from the japanese superpower

and yes a great first attemp

yes and its getting amazing nurburgring times aswell

I cant wait to see a 458 italia lap time or the new sls amg although I dont expect the sls to do as good as the slr

A 4.8L engine delivering 550hp, thats damn near what the Ferrari 4.5L makes. Not a bad effort from Toyota in their first supercar. Possibly my next favourite supercar after the GT-R.

oh yes now I understand

I pretty much agree this car is pure no awd, a normal transmission and those padel shifters seem cool but thats in my opinion takes some fun away other than that its a great car

I mean that the F1 is the best and purest supercar ever built in my opinion, and that hopefully this Lexus can take its place, as the Koenigsegg and Bugatti, among others, have tried and failed.

when you mean beat the mclaren f1 what exactly do you mean

Hopefully a car that will finally beat the McLaren F1. We know from the Supra and 2000GT that Toyota can really build a sportscar if they set their mind to it, and this time it looks like they’re going all the way.

It would e amazing if they launched more than 500

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