Production version FT-86 might be called Celica

Revealed at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, theToyota FT-86 will be put into production in 2012. Bu while the concept is inspired by the Toyota Corolla AE-86 GT, the production version might revive the Celica name. Why? Due to its resonance in the company’s history.

Production version FT-86 might be called Celica

The FT-86 is a compact, rear wheel drive sports concept powered by a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed, naturally aspirated four cylinder gasoline burning engine supplied by Subaru. In its non boosted form, the flat four make a maximum output of 150 HP, but the automaker is toying around with the idea of a more powerful super charged version depending on consumer demands.

The production version will be powered by both normally aspirated and turbocharged versions of improved Subaru engines and will target models like Nissan 370Z .

Short history: Toyota Celica was a two-door coupe sports car produced between 1970 and 2005. During its life time there were seven different generation, all of them using various four cylinder engines. The car’s name is derived from the Spanish word for "heavenly" or "celestial". The Celica was Toyota’s version of the Mustang.

Source: AutoCar


The car line of this FT-86 seems so perfect on it and its already looking great on its color and the front headlight brought the impression that this car is aggressive and obviously had an angst.

Yes I agree, I’d like to see both AE 86 and FT 86 in drift. And find out which is car is better in drifting.

Agree with uncia, it’s called marketing strategy.

Naming it the Celica would attract more customers as mainstream consumers are much more familiar with the Celica than the AE86/GT-S/Sprinter Trueno/Levin.

i thought it was going to be the successor of the ae86

I’ve been saying that they should call it the Celica for some time, but first they’d need to bump-up the bhp. 150 is not enough when the similarly-priced Celica GT-S that entered production a decade ago had 180.

And yes!!!!!!!!! Give us a TRD supercharged version!

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