Project Alligator - Mercedes-Aston Martin collaboration

Now that Aston Martin is out from under Ford, it’s free to look for new technology from anywhere. We’ve already had stories about Mercedes and Aston Martin’s announced plans to work together on a new engine. But things will go even further: engines, hybrids, transmission and even entire platforms. And the name for their top secret project is Project Aligator.

Collaboration will include: Mercedes engines for the future Aston Martin models, AMG’s 6.2-litre V8 tipped for Vantage models, diesels and hybrids from Germany planned for Aston. The British company may even get whole platforms to be shared by top-end models.

More details on the Project Aligator will follow soon, stay tuned!

Source: CarMagazine


i hope that this colaboration will give us some great cars

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