Prostitute road sign baffles residents of Treviso, Italy

We’ve seen some pretty weird road signs during our time, but none of them have elicited as much confusion and as many baffled looks like this particular triangular road sign in Treviso, Italy.

Look at the photo of the sign and you can clearly see that it’s of a pretty well-endowed woman wearing high heels and clutching a purse. To make things more whacked out, the sign below it reads “Attenzione Prostitute”, which – even if our Italian is a little obscured– we can easily surmise as saying “Attention Prostitute”.

The sign is pretty straight-forward although we’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly it’s for. And apparently, we’re not alone.

The Daily Telegraph has also reported that local drivers who have passed by the area are equally as confused and baffled as the rest of us regarding the meaning of the signage.

A 34-year old local resident, Dino Vezino, was driving to work when he saw the sign. Ever the curious fellow that he is, he slowed his car down to get a good look at it. "I couldn’t believe it - the woman has a mini-skirt and high heels on and very big breasts,” he said. “I just couldn’t work out what it was for? Does it mean I have to look out for prostitutes crossing or that they are available around here?"

Unfortunately for Mr. Vezino, we’re as clueless as he is on this matter. We normally see some amusing road signs here and there, but nothing to the extent of having one entirely dedicated to the so-called Ladies of the Night.


What the heck! I really can’t believe that they allowed this thing to be posted in the public road, haven’t they forget the minors? The should remove that immediately!

And since when the Italian being so conservative regarding this matter!
LMAO, as if they are clueless on what does the sign board means. I bet the local city government permits this thing on their place.

There is also a sign about a half a block before my driveway. It makes a good landmark directions and good for a laugh also. I have seen another weird signs somewhere in Bureaucrats.

what the hell? Don’t even try to get flirt around prostitutes. You might get sick!

I knew there’s something wrong with that sign, hmm maybe they’re available at that place so you should watch out! lol

That is really funny and weird signage! I think every car that will cross that signage will slow down and why there is such a signage?

Well it’s just a sound. The problem with Ipod is it cannot perform multitasking.

Hmmm, was this sign courtesy of the chamber of commerce?

lol. Well, it did got me confused as well. Maybe it’s some kind of stop over for prostitutes or for those in need of prostitutes. Like the pump image for gas and spoon and fork for dining signs.

I don’t agree! Prostitution is all about money! Prostitutes are not after your car, she’s after your dollars on your pocket. Even if you’re driving a caravan you can still get as many prostitute as you can if you got some money to spare.

Cool! You should be driving a super/exotic car if you want to have fun over the night.

I guess we have to wait for the moon to shine up! And see whether the sign is true or not.

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