Rallycross Grandma Whips a Subaru `Round the Dirt and Gravel

Typically, when you think of a 90-year-old person driving you think of the following: a cushion on the seat so they can see over the wheel, the never-ending turn signal, hard and unnecessary braking, 15-second delays between the light turning green and them pulling away, and taking every small turn as if it were a hairpin turn. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of stereotyping, but we’re going to call it like we see it.

One thing that would likely not cross your mind is a gravel and dirt stomping, tail wagging, rally grandma. Well, you can scratch that one, as we have just come across a video of a 91-year-old lady, who neither looks nor acts her age. She decided to give rallycross a shot and wagged an `ol Suby’s tail all over some gravel and dirt.

Though she looked to be in a subdued panic a lot of the time, she really did a pretty good job navigating the course. Her co-driver was right along with her, guiding her through the course as she went. She does, however, fly off-course at the end. You can actually hear her say “Did I hit the cone.” Her co-driver then jokingly responds “You went off course, which is worse than hitting a cone, unfortunately.”

Okay, maybe she’s not the next Sebastien Loeb , but it still takes a little bit of gall to do what she did, regardless of the fact that she never actually left first gear. Take a look at the video, it’s definitely worth it.

Source: YouTube


She seems young to drive that Subaru. Why don’t you guys let grandma try the Bugatti instead of this Subaru?

Wow, it’s true. I thought she was just wondering with that Subaru. It’ll be better if she also has a video where she is driving a sports car on a high speed.

Grandma really rocked that Subaru for a ride. I guess she could drive a super-car to be more enjoyable to watch.

Wow, grandma makes me amazed at her ability on driving a Subaru—in that particular skills despite the age of 91.

She may be old by now, but I don’t think she can make the Lamborghini hit the maximum speed.

LOL. Is grandma driving that Subaru? It seems a camera trick for me. I like it when Subaru is picking up the dirt and dust as this grandma make a round on that road.

It’s one of the best and entertaining videos I’ve ever seen. Grandma still kicked some power on that Subaru.

=) nice one ....an old lady driving a car

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