Range Rover Evoque facing fire problems?

A few months ago, the Ferrari 458 Italia had serious problems with spontaneously catching fire. Luckily, only a handful of Ferrari’s latest sports car experienced a fiery death before the company recalled the lot and had them fixed. That’s just one instance of a few that have spontaneously erupted during the course of the past year, so when we see images of this Range Rover Evoque experiencing some pyrotechnics of its own, we can help but think an issue is sure to develop.

This burning Evoque was seen in the middle of the day on a highway in Dubai. Now, the accident could have been driver error, but with the automakers’ histories in the past year, we feel it necessary to explore all of our options. Feel free to comment or send us a tip if you have any further details of this situation!

Hit the jump to see the Evoque on fire.

Source: Dubaisession


What could be the cause of the fire? Is it possible to all Evouqe?

Evoque might not fix into hot countries. Overheating probably the cause of the fire.

And here I was, thinking Evoque is flawless. This issue needs to be resolved soon.

It’s very unfortunate to those who have experienced this. Range Rover should really take responsibilities.

I think they have not paid enough attention to its compatibility. They only cared about the beauty and power.

I hate that other than Evoque, some more cars have this issue. These automotive companies are sort of reckless. Maybe they should provide life insurance too along with the cars.

This is seriously scary. If Evoque (and other car companies) doesn’t take immediate actions about this problem on their cars, this could cause immense damage not only to the buyers but also to their own image.

I think its time for Range Rover to provide safety to passengers by providing technologies about fire safety. If this happens on my car, I would possibly have a nervous breakdown.

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