Reborn Renault Alpine could be based on the Nissan GT-R; debut expected to be in Paris

Renault Alpine A110

Two interesting developments surrounding the expected revival of the Renault Alpine: First, it appears to be headed to the 2012 Paris Motor Show . Second, and more importantly, the car could very well end up being based on the Nissan GT-R.

Talking to UK website Headline Auto, Renault Marketing Director Stephen Norman said that the new Alpine will be made as a lightweight sports car that puts the emphasis on top-class performance and "made to the highest specification." Moreover, Norman has admitted that the French automaker is looking at tapping into their partnership with Nissan to look for and use existing parts from Nissan.

The only catch with going that route is the expected cost that would go with such an ambitious project. On that end, Renault might still end up seeking third-party partners to help in the development of the new Alpine. "We can’t lift things from the parts bin, we have to make a business case for it and we have not yet done that," Norman said.

Despite no confirmations on that matter, CarAdvice has speculated that Renault might be eyeing Nissan’s mighty supercar, the GT-R, as a possible peg for the new Alpine. If this new piece of information proves to be correct, then you can expect the buzz surrounding the return of the Renault Alpine to hit fever pitch when it’s expected to be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show this September.

Source: Car Advice


To gain more customers, their vehicle must be very modern and filled with features. A safety feature is a plus like, parking support system, airbags on all passengers and climate control. 

To gain more customers, their vehicle must be very modern and filled with features. A safety feature is a plus like, parking support system, airbags on all passengers and climate control. 

I don’t like the idea that it combined with the engine of its predecessors. I suggest that they should add new features that will make them closer to their competitors.

It’s good that it is only based on it, and not a copy.

I’m going to wait for that especially they will base it on Nissan’s GT-R. Alpine will be a lot better if it’s the final decision on having Nissan GT-R. 

It’ll be much better if the old chassis is filled with the most-recent engine upgrades while in the cabin, the latest gadgets and technologies. 

There’re a lot of former vehicles waiting to be remake and launch. It would be more fascinating if the old chassis is housed with the newest and latest engines. 

The combination of the old version’s engine and the newest one’s look is not acceptable. Maybe it would be better if they also changed it wholly and added special features.

Renault Alpine has a charm of its own, so basing it on Nissan GT-R will just make it more aggressive.

So they’re combining the old car’s looks and the new one’s engine? I can’t quite picture the outcome.

Why Paris? Additionally, I don’t think it’s the best model to be re-launched.

I am presuming that this will be an addition to the growing list of awkward-looking cars.

Of course, if Renault would base this on the famous GT-R, it would ride its popularity. I just wonder how the collaboration of these two will turn out.

If this car can catch up with the speed of the GT-R, then it’s truly worth the wait.

It’s kind of absurd how they want to base the performance of an older car to a newer one! Oh well, that doesn’t mean I’m not anticipating for it. smiley

I don’t know why it kind of looks like a Porsche to me. If I’m to judge, I’d say I won’t accept the same old concept again. Nevertheless, I’d still wait for the result.

What are they thinking basing an old model to a fresher one? It seems like they’re out of ideas. Well, let’s see how the looks of the reborn car.

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