Red Bull Co-Creator's Grandson Arrested on Charges of Dragging a Cop With His Ferrari

An heir to the Red Bull fortune, left behind when its co-creator died in march, was arrested on charges stemming from a hit-and-run death of a police officer in Bangkok. According to the reports, Vorayuth Yoovidhya, the grandson of Red Bull’s co-creator, was arrested for striking a police officer on a motorcycle, while driving his Ferrari FF . He dragged the officer for several meters, before fleeing the scene.

The officer died from his injuries and, initially, a fake suspect was arrested in an attempt by other officers to cover up the crime. After an investigation by higher-ranking officials and a trail of oil leading straight to Yoovidhya’s home and his wrecked Ferrari, the 27-year-old heir was arrested.

He was later released on $15,000 bail and is now roaming the streets again. Yoovidhya claims innocence and that the officer pulled in front of him, causing the accident, but he still faces up to 10 years in prison for “causing a death by driving” and leaving the scene of a crime. Yes, in some Asian countries, causing a death while driving is a crime, regardless of fault, unless there is undeniable evidence of innocence.

An interesting note is that the same family is the sole importer of Ferrari cars in Thailand, so there is no wonder he was whipping a $295,000 Ferrari FF, which likely costs much more in Thailand.

Source: Reuters


This guy is just a spoiled brat! I think Karma will just do the right thing for him.

It’s a shame on his family especially to his grandfather.

Just as I thought. Justice can now be paid by money.

Aw! I hate the cop who release him for bail. He just kill someone! He must be in jail also.

What are the charges on him ? How many years he will be on jail ?

I think he already learned his lesson and he should not do it again.

A really heartless person. I think her parents are really angry at him.

He shouldn’t run like a coward at that time. He is a heir of a car company. It will be a big disappointment to it’s family and also it’s company.

I think his family is really shame on him. He is a coward person.

Wow. The cop died because of a Ferrari car. I hope that guy will suffer from what he done.

if I were him, if he’s not guilty then he don’t need to do do this kind of chase.

He should be more responsible in everything that he do because he has a name that many know. And the position he have is something big.

He thinks that everything can be done with money. Now he knows that it is not.

He deserves to be punished and be on the jail for many years. He committed a real serious crime.

Oh that’s cruelty and he is a real suspect and yeah he also violates the law. He needs to be punished and sentenced.

Yes, he needs to be punished regarding on that issue. Person like him should learn from it.

Yes, I know some Asian countries that when you caused a death while driving is already a crime, regardless whose fault it is, unless there is evidence that you are innocent.

A fool and his Ferrari are soon parted. Yet another case of too much money and no brains. Little rich kids need real adult supervision so mayhem like this does not happen.

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