Renault Alpine Concept

This extravagantly concept was designed by Arseny Kostromin. The project was made during an internship in Renault design center.

We have to admit if the future Renault Alpine will look something like this (we seriously doubt it!) the sports car market will have a new serious competitor!


so what if it looks like the R8? is the R8 a bad looking car? they changed the front and the back and that makes it diferent from the R8, doesn`t it? and by the way, please tell me how many cars are out there that don`t look like another cars?

I knew someone was going to say "Looks like the R8". One look at that long sweep to the back and it was inevitable. No matter the inevitability, after a hundred and some odd years cars are going to start looking like something that has come before it.
look at the rear, tell me what car it looks like from there?

All in all though, it has all the right sumptuous lines…for something made in France.

I’ve never heard of Alpine but it looks alittle like an R-8 but the front and rear are tottally different.Also the R-8 doesnt come in blue.I cant wait till’ it comes out!

Nice copy of the Audi R8... common.. some imagination please ! the only thing it got from the Alpine is the metallic blue... Renault I hope you will honor the Alpine with something better than that !

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