Renault Alpine Interlagos Concept

Based upon the French classic Renault Alpini 108 - year 1956, the Willys Interlagos was the first series production sport car produced in Brazil and, even now-a-days, it is object of desire for sport cars collectors and enthusiasts.

The original model was brought to Brazil by Willys Overland do Brazil by influence of the adman Mauro Salles, and enthusiast of cars who named the model after the city of São Paulo famous auto race track.

Renault Alpine Interlagos Concept

With a production of more than 800 units between 1964 - 1966, the history of Willys Interlagos models is closely connected with the development of the professional car racing in Brazil. Brazilian pilots such as Emerson and Wilson Fittipaldi, Bird Clemente and José Carlos Pace - the name of the São Paulo racetrack today - initiated the careers at this period.

Knowing this interesting story, two Paulistas, the designers - João Paulo Cunha Melo and Felipe Guimarães Coelho, also cars enthusiasts - decided to invest their ability in redesigning the successful Willys Interlagos.

Using modern project and design resources, like softwares for 3D models, they kept in mind the preservation of proportions and the basic forms of the original model, up-dating construction concepts, ergonomic and safety.

Renault Alpine Interlagos Concept

Following the original Jean Rédéle´s idea - Renault Alpine creator - to offer to the public a low price sport car, the new Interlagos is based on a concept to receive Renault components and mechanical set entirely produced in Brazil.

The Interlagos is powered by a Mégane 2-liter engine, capable of producing 142 bhp and 19.2 kgm of torque, and managed by a six-speed manual gearbox.

The "redesign" or reading of classical models has been an important means of sales, reaching the cultural and economically differentiated public. New model version of the big car makers like Volkswagen Volkswagen - New Beetle, Mini Cooper, Ford GT 40, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro e Dodge Challenger, have demonstrated the dimension of this public.

Renault Alpine Interlagos Concept


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