Renault Clio RS Gordini - will it look like this?

Top Speed first reported back in March that the French automaker Renault will relaunch the Gordini brand sometime in 2010 . The first model to be badged as a Gordini will be the compact Twingo , but after the city car, the company will also launch a Gordini version of the Clio and Megane Coupe. According to Thomas Clavet the future Clio Gordini might look like something like this.

Renault Clio RS Gordini - will it look like this?

The exterior is emphasized by a rally inspired front end with enlarged air intakes and oversized fog lights. The roof adds a bit of style with a roof scoop that resembles the intake from a Formula 1 car. At the rear, the little Gordini has an understated rear wing atop the hatch and a bold rear diffuser. Finishing off the design is a centraly located inverted triangle exhaust tip. The compact factory tuner is painted in Blue with signature Gordini double white racing stripes.

It is radically fun designs like these that keep consumers enthusiastic about the future of the automobile.

Source: Le Blog Auto


well that’s look promising, also they should put this already into prototype, it looks that i can compete well to it’s competitors.

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