Renault prepares a Twingo Convertible

Renault Twingo C+C to be unveiled in Frankfurt

Could Renault finally be coming out with the Twingo C+C ? "We are working on a small convertible for 2010," said Renault executive Yves-Eric Morel. If so, this €15,000 roadster may give the U.S. a new reason to want Renault back. We’ll have to wait for the Frankfurt show in September to find out.


If this is built with the Puma in spirit.What aspect of Puma is incorporated here? Will ti borrow the suspension and the transmission like the StreetKA? Ford’s small car replacement for Puma after 2002

Top brass announced a vision to create a new range of cars with average CO2 emissionsof only 40g/km by 2012. To do this, the firm says it will supplement a new generation of electric cars with a range of ultra-efficient petrol and diesel models will this Twingo goes that way?

This two-seat Renault Twingo CC is described as a spiritual successor to Ford’s much loved Puma, and the answer to the successful Peugeot 207 CC.

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