Report: Ford Pulling out of the Outback Market

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As the global recession rolls around the Earth, automakers everywhere are starting to hit their breaking points. There have already been talks of Ford and Chevy pulling out of Europe and recently, Ford announced that it was cutting 15 percent of job in Australia due to poor sales.

On the heels of that announcement comes a report from International Business Times that claims Ford is simply ramping up to end its Australia-based manufacturing altogether. The consensus is that Ford of Australia will cease production in the Outback by 2016.

Now, the Ford pull-out from Australia, much like the potential pull-out from Europe, does not mean there won’t be any Fords sold there. This simply means that the Australia-built fords, like the Territory and the fairly bad-ass Falcon sedan, will no longer exist. In their place will likely be imported Fusions and Explorers , maybe bearing different names.

Slow sales are not the only cause to Australia’s No. 3 automaker pulling out, the enactment of tough-to-meet Euro 5 emission standards are likely the straw that broke Ford’s back. Both the Falcon and Territory cannot meet these stringent regulations without expensive revisions to the driveline.

Ford has yet to make any announcement regarding its Outback exit, but it looks to be a certainty. We’ll update you if Ford finally announces this exit.


So they are really giving up on this kind of recession? When will they focus now?

They do not want to have another failed Outback on Australian Market so they are now pulling it out.

What’s new for this Outback? It failed on Australia that is why they’re pulling out.

Ford launches another model that is exclusive for Australia only.

That’s a bad news to some Ford fans. However, perhaps they will make something bigger than they did.

Sometimes they are just spreading the rumors to get people’s attention. Another part of their marketing strategy.

They had better sales of the Ford on other markets. Outback has a better chance on the market if I were to ask.

So do you mean that they are pulling out the Outback only and not the whole Ford facilities in Australia?

So do you mean that they are pulling out the Outback only and not the whole Ford facilities in Australia?

Ford hit pretty hard by the global recessions. It’s the one that pushed them to pull out some of their best sellers in the market.

If it’s to be compared with the BRZ, of course it would lose. Nevertheless, it’s still efficient from basing upon Nissan BRZ.

Falcon will be the new to offer in the Australia. And maybe that is why the Outback has been pulled-out.

From pulling-out of the vehicle, there is always a new to come, and I know that Ford will bring something prior to this pull-out event.

If I’m not mistaken, the Outback will be out in the market for they will launch the Falcon in the market. So let’ us wait for their future plan about this.

If the news or rumor is confirmed, car lovers would be so disappointed because they will not see another amazing model like this. I wish they are just mere rumors and not a real news.

I guess the Outback needs to present and open in other markets like India.

I guess it’s really over for the Outback to launch in Australia. Try to launch it on the other markets then.

I really hate when they are pulling-out something on the market. Even if their sale is declining, I don’t think they have to pull-it out.

I think it’s not only in Australia, but also in Philippines. And this is due to the poor sales and decreasing demand for Ford’s models.

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