Report: USF1 finally closes shop for good

Even if USF1 failed to make the 2010 Formula One grid, the Charlotte-based outfit still held out hope that they could right their ship for a potential re-entry in the coming seasons.

Unfortunately, that sliver of hope has now been cut after reports have surfaced saying that USF1 has officially closed down operations. According to reports, team boss Ken Anderson sent emails to all of USF1’s employees, basically saying that financial troubles doomed the team from even making any progress in time for the 2010 season.

We’ve been hearing rumors of USF1’s demise for as long as the team has been in the fold. Sadly, all those rumors have finally caught up to them and now it looks like it’s going to be a while before an American team enters Formula One.

One thing’s for sure though, it won’t be USF1 anymore.


And why does Joseph Stalin suddenly tries to sell his ZIS-110?

This was a shocking news! But I’m glad they are back!

USF1 finally closes shop for good
COMMENT: This is a disappointment on a variety of levels. Perhaps someone else will make an attempt when the economy improves?

O well, I hope that it can be like the other companies. They fall but they worked hard to stand up again. Although USF1 doesn’t really make that much fuzz with the racing industry, it can still have a chance to win if it had better drivers and technology.

Oh that was a bad news, also their crew is left job less. Those crews can have their job back even it’s not with USF1.

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