Research says that women still love Volkswagen's New Beetle

Just in case you’ve believed the myth that muscle-bound, sports cars are the fastest way to a woman’s, uhm, heart, then you might reconsider everything you’ve believed before.

According to auto industry research firm TrueCar, women have and continue to be gaga over the Volkswagen New Beetle . That’s right, the cute little bug is a tried-and-tested babe magnet.

Another interesting thing TrueCar discovered was that despite outpopulating men by a fairly slim margin - 51% to 49% - in America, 64% of all the registered cars belonged to men while 36% only belonged to women. Despite the skewed figures relative to the population difference, the New Beetle scored fairly well in the eyes of the opposite sex, registered to 56.1% of all the women that were part of the survey.

And just in case you have any one of these other cars, you wouldn’t need to worry about scoring brownie points with the ladies too because they’re also digging these rides: the Nissan Rogue , the Hyundai Tucson , the Volkswagen Eos , and the Volvo S40 .


there is no need of research.. it’s obvious that the new even the old beetle is one of the most favorite car of females.

there are no reason women will hate this car.. this car is well suited for women who loves to drive out of town.

Well, the concept of that new beetle is really suited for women or even .

the reason why they love it it’s because it’s fun to drive, it has a unique looks.. and of course stylish.

well even the old model of the beetle is still hit to the females today... beetle’s design are very uniqe and that’s why even the 60’ beetle are still pimpin up.

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