Rich Saudi Arabians Have A Sense of Humor Too

Apparently, those rich fellas in the Middle East have a sense of humor too.

This postcard-looking thing came from Saud Arabia and illustrates how the son of what we imagine to be a freakishly rich family – yeah, all of us can afford that gold Ferrari 599 GTB – feels a little out of place in his new university in Berlin because he drives the gold 599 GTB whereas his fellow students and teachers only take the train to go to campus.

Hilariously, dear old Daddy replied to his son’s worries by telling the latter that he just deposited $20 million in his account and that the son should stop complaining and just buy his own train.

Sure, it’s only a joke, but if there’s one place where something like this could potentially happen, it’s in that neck of the woods. Only in the Middle East, boys and girls. Only in the Middle East.

Source: Reddit


I wonder if that car is just a gold platted or a pure gold? It seems that his dad doesn’t know on how to spend his money that’s why he done all of this thing!

I want his daddy to adopt me and buy my own trains station for me so that I will not be late at work! Owning a Ferrari 599GTB is not bad alternative thoughsmiley

Haha, A great sense of humor. I bet daddy is a comedian. lol

LOL, these guys really do have a good sense of humor. Now if only all of us can buy our own trains...

Yeah,things must be put in adequate position. He should level himself to others. Sound so boastful.

haha! If he is going to buy his own train then his dad should build their own railroad too.

Haha, turns out that they really do have a sense of humor!

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