Richard Hamann, founder of Hamann Motorsport, passes away at 53

On March 17th, the auto tuning world lost a very special individual when Richard Hamann, the man behind Hamann Motorsport , passed away due to lung cancer. He was 53.

Still recovering in the wake of Uwe Gemballa’s gruesome murder less than a year ago, the auto tuning industry was given another jolting shock with Hamann’s untimely death. While words won’t begin to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Hamann family, we nevertheless send our love and prayers in this time of sorrow.

Richard Hamann was a man of many things. He was a celebrated race car driver in his early years and later on, he traded away the cockpit for the tuning shops when he founded Hamann Motorsports in 1986. In the 20-plus years of its existence, Hamann became one of the world’s premier tuning companies.

We’re going to remember Richard Hamann as somebody who never compromised in his work and his last works before his untimely passing, the "Hamann Hawk " and the "Hamann Guardian " epitomizes the kind of impeccable tuning quality he was always known for.

With his death, the team of Hamann Motorsport will honor his memory and, as per his wishes, will continue on with the business.

Rest in Peace, Richard Hamann.


hmm. So this is the reason why I haven’t heard any modification in this aftermarket company. I just wonder who is the successor of this company. I want to see them again in the lime light.

Yeah,i already read this news. And its too sad to lose a great artist like Hamman. However, for sure his work will not be forgotten and will be written in the history of car industry.

Well, he did left us with a great legacy. Hamann will always be remembered as a guy with a remarkable vision, and his cars will certainly be a testament to that.

Well, he said before that even if he died, he wishes that the company continues its work, which is what it’s doing now. But he will certainly be missed.

Yeah, I agree with you guys, Richard Hamann will certainly be missed by all of us who are fans of his work. May the company continue his legacy.

The guy is certainly a loss for the automotive tuning industry. Hamann is really well renowned for coming up with bold tuning projects that no one would often risk doing.

Well, that one is definitely an unwelcomed news. I really am a big fan of Hamann’s work, so it is quite sadden to hear that. May he rest in peace.

That’s sad. He still can contribute to the world but automobile but dies at the age of 53 that was so untimely. Condolences for his family and once again the industry looses a foundation.

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