Rolls Royce to Announce a "Stunning" New Model in a Couple of Weeks

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Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls Royce is all set to expand their model range by announcing a "stunning" new model in a couple of weeks followed by an auto-show debut on April 21st in Shangai, one of most important markets for RR.

Sadly, RR couldn’t divulge any more details on what sort of car it will be and what’s underneath the hood, but we have our bets placed on the successor to the Rolls Royce Corniche . And we’re most likely going to win that bet, given the fact that over past several months, Rolls Royce was working hard on testing out a prototype of a two-door Ghost coupe (as these spy-shots reveal). We wouldn’t be surprised by RR bringing the Corniche name back as they have been promising customers that it was in the works for a while.

The Rolls Royce Corniche is reported to be powered by a turbocharged 6.6-liter V-12 engine ready to deliver a total of 600 horsepower, which is quite powerful for a luxury cruiser. The design will also draw some inspiration from the Rolls Royce Ghost, befitting the smaller-than-Phantom description.

A full review with details shall be posted once Rolls Royce announces the "stunning" model.

Source: Bloomberg


Luxury and power. what else could I wish? smiley

when you see on road a Rolls Royce you definitely know it is a Rolls Royce, it’s impossible to confuse it.

I appreciate this brand cause they kept their characteristic lines.

Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe has nice, clear lines. Of course, as any Rolls Royce after all.

karla, the parking space couldn’t be a problem. imagine who has such a car. I doubt that person will park anywhere...

two-door car but so huge. parking is a real problem for this car, i think...

6.6-liter V-12 engine ready to deliver a total of 600 horsepower?! woooow!!!

oooo, such great news! I adore RRssmiley

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