Roush Mustang JDM Drag car makes the quarter mile in 9.9s; 9.6s to follow

When anyone thinks of turning their Mustang into a perfect combination of street car and race car, they probably hit up the Roush website for any new technologies the company may have brought out. After all, Roush Performance is, without a doubt, a leader in Mustang conversions and their supercharger system, the ROUSHcharger, is the epitome of performance. Anyone would be crazy not to want a piece of that.

Back in August, Roush announced a new supercharger kit for the 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 that took the engine’s power from 412 HP to a monstrous 550 HP. Seeing an opportunity before him, Jim D’Amore III at JDM Engineering took that supercharger and ran with it in the NMRA Drag Racing competition this season in a2011 ROUSH Mustang , eventually snatching up the win in the Super Stang championship. Thanks to the tremendous power generated from the ROUSHcharger kit, the car has already been in the 9.9-second range at 138 mph.

D’Amore reported that this was on 17 pounds of boost, but wanted to keep the car slower than 10.0-seconds for the race season (the legal limit for the roll cage). Since then, they have installed a larger balancer pulley creating 20 psi of boost and have picked up another 40 HP and are now running with an excess of 700 HP under the hood. The team’s prediction is that the car should soon be running in the 9.65-second range at 140 mph.


The company says the decision was made in response to “the request of VW enthusiasts,” who apparently couldn’t live without the highest-performance Golf

dang I wonder how much torque does its rear wheel has, I assume that those tires are very thick to deal with those wheel spins.

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