Rumor: Is Ferrari working on a 620 HP 458 Monte Carlo?

Ferrari 458 Italia

Whenever Ferrari launches a new model on the market, a hardcore version is always thrown in the mix shortly thereafter. This was the case for the F430 which had the Scuderia at its heels and the 599 Fiorano whih received the 599 GTO . The new 458 Italia shouldn’t be an exception to this rule and, according to someone who recently visited the Ferrari HQ in Maranello, it won’t be.

This Dutch visitor is stating that the company is currently preparing a new special edition 458 Italia called the "458 Monte Carlo." This new model is prepared to push out about 620 HP, a 50 HP increase over the car’s standard 570 HP. Aside from that, the upcoming 458 Monte Carlo will also be lighter than a standard 458 thanks to a stripped-out interior. It will also be offered with upgraded suspensions and brakes.

The new Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo is rumored to be a tribute car to the legendary town where the Monaco Grand Prix is held, but we’re hoping that the re-engineered vehicle eventually throws its mechanical marvel over to a 458 Scuderia version.



really intresting !!!!! yesterday i went to Ferrari in Maranello and I was looking for prototypes but there where nothing

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