Rumors: Cadillac Revives Talks of ATS-V and May be Considering a Coupe and Convertible

Cadillac ATS-V

There were rumors abound a while back that the new-for-2013 Cadillac ATS would be a new base for a “V” model Cadillac . Then rumors began floating around about an ATS coupe. Both rumors pretty much just faded away and we all tucked them in the back of our brains.

Well, TheDetroitBureau has renewed these rumors in a recent report, where they said that Cadillac officials are seriously discussing the ATS-V , and that its production is a near certainty. According to the report, the only squabble preventing a green light is the debate on what kind of engine to put in it. Some Cadillac brass is saying a V-8 engine is the way to go, while other swear by a V-6 engine with forced induction – supercharged or turbocharged.

Once that is all hammered out, we can start planning to see the ATS-V shortly. The ATS coupe and convertible options are still in early discussion phase, but are being considered. A convertible ATS would replace the failed XLR Roadster and the coupe version would give the luxury automaker a well-rounded list of cars to compete with Lincoln, Infiniti, Lexus and BMW.

As we said, these are still rumors and talk amongst GM higher ups, so there is still a chance that the coupe and convertible will never come. The ATS ATS -V, on the other hand, is almost a near certainty. All the GM brass needs to do is pick an engine that’s best suited for the chassis and it’s good to go.

We’ll keep a close eye on this situation and update you as things change.


Half of the rumors was true and the other half ws just an exaggeration.

I’m not surprised with that rumor since from the start, I’ve read news and gossips about the expansion of the ATS lineup for 2013 sedan.

If possible, produce both segments, but if I were to ask about this, I’ll take the 2014 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan.

Coupe is better than a convertible. The ATS-V will look good on a coupe, but keep the same features that it has on convertible.

If I were to ask about the ATS-V, I might make it on a convertible. Convertible has lower competition than the coupe, so it’ll be better if they go on that category.

They must decide whether it’ll be a coupe or a convertible. ATS-V creates discussions on producing it, or it’ll never happen.

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