Runaway Honda Civic Mugen R crashes in the Goodwood Moving Motor Show

The first running of the Goodwood Moving Motor Show was the scene of a horrifying car accident that occurred when a spectator sitting inside a running Honda Civic Mugen R accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, causing the car to plow straight into two pedestrians and two parked Jaguars, the oldest surviving Jaguar E-Type and a new Jaguar XKR .

Not exactly the kind of start it was hoping for.

Details are still limited, but witnesses present during the entire incident suggested that the driver of the Civic Mugen R was sitting cozy on the driver’s seat of the car before mistakenly revving up the running car and sending careening across the main pedestrian hallway and straight into the Jaguar booth before crashing into the back wall on the other side of the pavilion.

It took a while for the scene to be cleared up but in the end, the show eventually reopened to the public except for one event: the much hyped ‘Ride and Drive’.

Incidents like this could have been avoided if people just exercised a little sense of caution. But since it already happened, the most important thing is that while a number of people were hurt, it doesn’t appear to be too serious to have caused any serious injuries.


Negligence is everywhere.

The management should be strict to their house rule.

agree, good thing the civic didn’t crashed to any other super cars on the show room.

agree, i think the guest is the one who’s responsible for the crash.

well, good thing that he didn’t crashed to any other cars at the show.

hahah. the CR-Z Muger is Ridding SOLO at the motor show.

what a jerk.. why in the world did they forgot to remove the key?.

how many bad things happen great cars in this world. if the dude had the engine off and door open this would not happen. other than that if he was going somewhere or parking the mistake was just too sudden for him to grab the wheel and avoid hittinng anything.

and the people who owned the cars and those who were injured
could send the driver to court.

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