Russian billionaire buys Adolf Hitler's customized Mercedes for an approximate $6-15 million

If you were a billionaire with too much money to last you a zillion lifetimes, would you spend approximately $6 to 15 million on a car that once belonged to the man responsible for the most destructive war in history?

Apparently for this Russian billionaire, the answer is yes.

The car is a customized blue Grosser Mercedes-Benz 770K, which – as a matter of fact – used to belong to no less than Adolf Hitler. Granted, this man has more money than a number of countries, but we figured that anything is off limits when it comes to Hitler himself.

Then again, we don’t have $15 million and this guy has them in his piggy bank so we really can’t tell him what to do.


Well, for cars like this it’s not about the owner, its about the car. I wouldn’t mind buying a car as hot as this from Adolf Hitler. It’s not like it’s the cars fault that he had an owner like him. But I don’t have that much money anyways so I guess I’ll just end up admiring it from a distance.

Lucky for him to win that car and I think he badly wants it so I guess if the prospect bidder will raise up their bid, this Russian will raise triple the price just to have this customized Adolf Hitler Mercedes. Still I’m curious if he’s a fan of Adolf Hitler.

It’s one of the greatest collection and for a popular dictator like Adolf Hilter, that’s worth to buy. The car is fully customized, they could’ve raised the bid to 20-30 million.

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