Russian man wears bucket on head and jumps over a car to protest the use of blue rooftop lights

You can always count on Russians to make a stand on the blatant disregard of some of their bourgeois countrymen who seem to think that they’re above the law, especially when it comes to cutting through Russian traffic by using - illegally, by the way - flashing blue rooftop lights. These are normally reserved for cops and official government officials. Nowhere in the rulebook does it say that civilians are permitted to use rooftop lights, no matter how much of a VIP that person claims to be.

That being said, we found this video of this one car that was sporting the flashing blue rooftop lights and the subsequent action one pedestrian took to demonstrate his distaste for the high-brow owner of the car. Watch him draw the ire of the Russian "VIP" as he puts on a blue bucket on his head and proceeds to climb over the car and walk across it. Poor Mr. VIP had no idea what to do with Buckethead.

Maybe that should serve as a reminder that if you continue to use rooftop lights, then you better get ready for more "public demonstrations" of this kind.

Source: YouTube


darn the video is already remove.

Well even here in our country most politics are making abuse of their power. sometimes this act also happen here.

Well, I think that russian man who wears bucket on head is in need of much attention because he probably do weird things if you ignore him.

This man really hates the high profile and politicians. He even run up on his car.


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