Russian model dies defending her Porsche Cayenne

Russian model dies defending her Porsche Cayenne

You know that "I would give my life for you" kind of love? It usually happens with people! But a young woman from Russia gave her life for her Porsche Cayenne!

The woman in case is Anna Loginova, a 29-year-old woman, a former model, the head of a private security firm. It all happened on the night of January 27 when Anna arrived on her prestigious car to Moscow’s Novomarinskaya Street to purchase a kitten from someone.

A car stopped near her Porsche and a young dark-haired man stepped out of the car and ran towards Anna’s vehicle.

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The man pulled the door open, grabbed the woman and dragged her our of the car. Afterwards, he quickly got into her Porsche Cayenne and shut the door. Everything happened in an instant. However, the young woman did not intend to give up without a fight. She got up onto her feet and gripped the handle on the door of her car. The woman did not let it go even when the car tore away.

The hijacker dragged the Porsche owner several meters before she released her hands. The woman hit her head on the asphalt road and died of a serious cranial injury.

Anna Loginova took part in advertising campaigns for BMW, Chanel and other world-known brands. Collaborating with BMW, Loginova took a course of extreme driving.

Anna Loginova took lessons of Jiu-Jitsu martial art and mastered the sword handling. Afterwards, she opened her own security firm for women.



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Really sad story... I hope they catch the thief!

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