Russian R8 owner dreams of driving an 8 Series

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The BMW 8 Series was an excellent grand touring car that combined the upmost in luxury, style and performance throughout the 1990s. The only thing wrong with the car is that the German automaker stopped producing the high performance coupe in 1999 and despite renderings and speculation and one very angry Russian Audi R8 owner.

Russian R8 owner dreams of driving an 8 Series

That is because the owner of this four ringed super car has not only dropped the olympic style linked rings in favor of a spinning propellor not only once, but three times in an attempt to erase any link between the car’s engine and chassis with its original manufacturer, visually at least. The owner even went as far as attaching 850 i badging to the rear deck lid. Now it would be hard to mistake the 420 HP mid engine 4.2 Liter FSI V8 for something from the Bavarian automaker, perhaps if the owner had chosen to go with M badges instead of the round emblem on the engine cover he might have been able to get away with it. While the BMW 850 was a great car the R8 is as well. Perhaps if the disgruntled Audi owner had tried to pass the R8 off as BMW’s mid engine super car the M1 it might have been a bit more believable.


An Audi is not that bad of a car why would he do something like this? I mean he can always find owners of the BMW that he likes as for sure that there are those who are already selling them. Problem would only be shipping them.

This man is an idiot! It’s a disrespect to Audi, which fully engineered this car. Makes me want to purchase a BMW M6, slap a few Chrysler badges on it, and call it a Sebring. And then cut this BMW R8 off!

i agree with Uncia what type of idoit would do that unless its an extreamly rich kid who is doing this to get attention put then again it makes hime look like more of an idiot and a pretty well kept 8 series is about 15000 and i think its better looking and nicer in every way then the R8 sadly.

This has to be a photoshop. Nobody would buy an R8 and call it an 8-series... they’d just buy an 8-series.

as much as im a BMW fan I would NEVER do this

One word comes to mind there...

Discredit the best brand around...should be a sin!

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