RWD confirmed, Commodore coming to USA


At Detroit Auto Show, General Motors has confirmed that the Holden Commodore will be exported to the United States. The Commodore SS, a V8-powered sports sedan, will be sold as a Pontiac Pontiac from late this year or early next year. Holden expects to export 30,000 Commodores annually, about half what it sells locally.

"We are seriously planning to import a lot of Commodore SS sedans as Pontiac G8s," Mr Lutz said. Mr Lutz said the export of the Holden Monaro as a Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO from 2003 to 2006 (during which 40,000 of the V8 coupes were sold) brought Holden’s expertise to the attention of its parent company, General Motors in North America.

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