Saab could make its return to the World Rally Championship in 2012

Looks like MINI won’t be the only brand that’s returning to the World Rally Championship .

Reports are coming out that the reinvigorated Swedish brand, Saab , is also set to make its return to the most prestigious rally racing series in the world, which, if everything pushes through, could happen in the 2012 season.

Saab has been absent from the rally scene since 1979 and the brand’s return to the WRC could be in-line to the recent revival the automaker is enjoying under its new ownership.

Details are still sketchy at best, but there appears to be mutual interest from both Spyker - that’s Saab’s new owner, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months – and officials from the WRC for Saab to make its rally comeback. Given the brand’s rich history in rally racing, we’re going to be surprised if their return to the WRC doesn’t happen.

In the event that Saab does come back to rallying, it is expected that the brand will be fielding a modified 1.6-liter turbocharged Saab 9-2 , which, interestingly, will also be the same platform that the MINI Countryman will be using when it makes its own return to the world of rally racing.

Source: Autosport


If they can build something like that little convertible there, I’m totally on board.

any move for SAAB at this point is a good move...

Saab? Really? I can see a lot confidence in their part.

Completely cool. Completely Saab.

Hopefully this means more sweet cars are coming to a dealership near you.

Well, it really is about time for them to return to the rally circuit. Saab was really one of those companies that made their present felt in the dirt track during their heydays.

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