Saab Elektrisk rendering

With summer approaching and gas prices creeping closer to $4 per gallon, electric vehicles are looking better and better every day. Chevrolet has the Volt , Opel the Ampera and even Cadillac will have an upscale Converj . But what about Saab, General Motor’s brand selling strong in Sweeden, well they could soon have the Elektrisk, a word that means electric in Swedish.

Even if this is just a rendering, we here at Top Speed are almost certain that Saab will soon have an electric model of their own. If it could look anything like this, even better!


I am just alarmed with the massive development of EVs as we know most of the powerplant consume coal which emit more C02-so worst case scenario would be the exploitation of this market.

I think this new rendering will be promising enough to seal our attention.

Saab Elektrisk rendering I hope will be as promising as the many EVs that were launched already

I would like to see the concept version of this car soon.

Well I hope Saab can provide something better than what Toyota Prius can do or with its sister products like Voltz and Converj

We coudl hope with that, the only concern is we hope the electric bill does not sky rocket anytime with a higher demand

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