Saab Junkie Renders a New 9-5 Coupe

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AlthoughSaab will most likely not create a coupe version of the new 9-5 saloon anytime soon, the idea has been in the heads of Saab fans for quite awhile. The 9-5 pictured above is the Photoshop-rendered 9-5 coupe done by an anonymous reader of the "Saabsunited" webpage.

What we have to say about the rendering is it is quite good, from a technical stand point. The fact that it was rendered by a presumably amateur artist makes it all the better, but it doesn’t quite make the cut. It looks as if the artist simply cut out a foot or two of the sedan and did nothing more. Its alloys are about five sizes too small and the door’s trim is half rubber, half chrome. Plus the roof-line is practically identical to the awkward looking roof-line of the Nissan R35.

For those who like the design, a 9-5 coupe is not among Saab’s priorities.

Source: CarScoop

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