Saab rolls out new 2010 9-5 sedan commercial

Saab 9-5

Saab’s reinvention under Spyker continues to go full steam ahead with a new commercial for the brand’s new flagship sedan, the 2010 9-5 . The car, which is expected to make its way to dealerships in the coming months, is already being aggressively hyped by Saab as it aims to, once and for all, turn the corner after a year that saw the company come this close to being axed by General Motors .

Saab hopes that the 2010 9-5 will be the first of many Saab vehicles that will slowly inch its way back into the US market in the foreseeable future. Judging by how we’ve pegged the 2010 9-5, these guys are off to a good and promising start. Let’s all hope that they keep the momentum going from here on out.

As a reminder, the Saab 9-5 comes with a range of engines beginning with a 1.6-liter engine that can produce up to 180 hp and ending with a 2.8-liter turbo V6 engine that puts out approximately 300 hp. All engine choices come with a six speed transmission in a stick-shift or semi-automatic.

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Source: Saab


Define a beautiful and artistic sedan ? I guess Saab 9-5 is the perfect answer. As seeing the video, it simply reminds me of how a car should look and feel. Simplicity.

I like the current 9-3. Wonder how it will evolve under Koenigsegg.

I love Saab. There’s nothing to not like about them these days, except they offer such an unusual package that most people think the
price is not justified. It’s a fairly nice and well built car. It seems to compete more with base level Jaguars and Cadillacs than BMWs and Audis. And with the turbocharged four, with the best in class 50-70 mph passing acceleration, it’s an amazingly good highway cruiser.

wow there seems to be a bidding war for saab. Spyker and Merbanco are mentioned as 2 potential buyers, Unlike Saturn, Saab has people wanting to buy it. What’s the hold up? Sell it already.

i guess Saab has already enhanced and satisfy with the promising safety feature of the 9-5.

Sound like it is priced fairly well, but I feel like it does not have the image to compete unfortunately. I also feel this has the same dilemma as the superb Suzuki Kizashi in that its deal network has grown thinner so it is hard to find. People will also not believe this is a good car, which we don’t even know for sure yet.

General motors WANTS to get the 9-5 into production. Press test-drives, with reports of how well the vehicle drives, could only increase the bidding price for SAAB.

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