Sad Plymouth

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Tulsa, Oklahoma buried a Plymouth for fifty years.
It was a time capsule thing, a way of making the Fifties real in he next century.
And the car they selected was an icon: it was the very essence of the fifties.
It was a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere.
Without even trying, Tulsa actually managed to create the perfect time capsule.
The car, as it turns out, was flooded with water and is a basic rust bucket.
But in those fifty years, Plymouth has gone from being the third best selling car to being a nameplate almost no one remembers.
Tail fins have gone from being the essence of America’s optimism about the future to being – well, quaint.
And domestic auto makers fight every day to stay above water, just so they can build another car, another day.
Seems Tulsa actually, though unwittingly, got that time capsule right.

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