Saleen considering new mid-engine performance car

Saleen considering new mid-engine performance car

Saleen is celebrating 25 years of building custom Ford Mustangs and Blue Oval hot rods. To celebrate the company released the most powerful pony car ever: the Sterling Edition S302E. WardsAuto reports that Saleen is having even bigger plans for the future. One will be an entry in the American Le Mans Series to compete with General Motors Corp.’s Corvette Racing C6.R GT1 squad. But the most important plan is a more conventional – and less expensive – mid-engine performance car to elevate the status of the brand.

The company wants to keep the future supercar in the $150,000 to $200,000 range and, as Paul Wilbur, Saleen Saleen president and CEO says "to a nearby Ford GT and noting the new car would abandon the S7’s composite construction for a more conventional aluminum-bodied layout."

Also Saleen says they are not worried about the new CAFE regulation and that they are "ready to embrace green technology", but the company doe not have enough resources for research and development.

Of interest are potential electric and diesel powertrains, both of which naturally produce large amounts of low-end torque and can be tuned for high-performance with modern technology.

Source: WardsAuto

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