Saleen launches SMS Limited supercar brand

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Steeve Saleen, founder of the Saleen Autosport, announced the birth of another brand, the SMS Limited. Apparently this launch of the new brand gives Mr Saleen plenty of joy because SMS enables him to use the freedom along with technology in order to develop world world-class specialty vehicles.

The SMS brand will develop ultra high performance vehicles addresed to the new American Mucle Cars. A good news to the fans because the vehicles equipped with the new technology will meet the demands of the world’s most challenging race tracks. One thing is for sure, that the new brand will bring a new automotive lifestyle experience and why not...maybe the perfect supercar.

"Developing and manufacturing cars is one thing, but selling them is quite another" continues Mr. Saleen, "We will be bringing our new and unique automotive lifestyle retail experience to a number of global markets. Watch out for more interesting news on our distribution and retail plans in a few weeks. The time is right; we have the talent, the new technology, the funding and the drive to achieve our goals. We will be the brand of choice for the community and culture of the automotive enthusiast" said Mr. Saleen.

Saleen S302E

"Supercar fans will be delighted to learn about the all-new vehicles and new technology we are currently developing", reveals Mr. Saleen "these cars will deliver superior performance and innovation for both the track day enthusiast and the passionate on-road driver". Billy Tally, Chief Technical Officer, adds, "These vehicles have been engineered to meet the demands of the world’s most challenging race tracks". Mr. Saleen continues, "Sportscar racing enthusiasts will be excited about the upcoming announcement of our return to racing in the American LeMans Series. You will hear more about that very soon."


Get a AMG or M powered car...why would you want this POS?
Its a FORD under that fancy skin. FORD = Fix or Repar Daily

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