Sandy Sanderson builds model cars from tin cans

When you’re the unfortunate victim of an accident and your injuries leave you with nothing better to do, how do you make the most out of your idle time?

For Sandy Sanderson of New Zealand, it’s building model cars from aluminum cans. Needing something to keep himself busy after breaking his wrist in a motorcycle accident, Sanderson began creating cars out of tin cans and his works are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Calling his creations ‘CanCars’, Sanderson began working on these models after a ‘Eureka!’ moment while staring at a canned soda he had been drinking. After remembering how somebody used to make model planes from tin cans, the draftsman/instrument-maker/model-builder decided to try his own luck in creating model cars from tin cans.

What’s even more impressive is that he’s doing all of this with a broken wrist. Check out the models Sanderson has already created and tell us just how cool those are.

Source: Cancars


Now that is a great way to deal with your tin can trash problems. I think that he can make a living with those models. I’d say that he can sell them for a pretty neat price. I’d buy one if I had the chance for sure. I wonder how broken his wrists are actually.

The collection of the cars that Sandy Sanderson did was the old one or should I say vintage cars with the use of canned soda that you can see on the garbage can. "There’s money on garbage", that’s a saying that maybe true coz’ he can sell this kind of masterpiece.

He made the challenge an opportunity. Sandy Sanderson’s story is so admirable. An injured wrist turning garbage into a toy that is worth the world’s attention. Not only that, they aren’t just simple creations, they also help save the environment.

Proves how some unfortunate events like Sanderson’s accident and his broken wrist can lead to a masterpiece like this.

Even if I break my wrist, I don’t think I would be able to replicate a detailed car miniature like this. Hurray!

If I get to create one of these CanCars, my Eureka moment might last a lifetime. I hope he can make a how to do it video just to give us an idea on how the hell did he manage to pull up something like this from scraps.

A masterpiece like that coming from Sandy Sanderson is not that surprising. He’s a really talented guy and is even considered a renaissance man as he is also a draftsman, guitar player, teacher, motorcyclist, instrument maker, model builder and now a CanCar maker!

Recycling at its best! Great job! He’s now even termed as one of the World’s Strangest. It’s really detailed.

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