Scion plans to expand its model line-up

The current Scion line-up only includes three models, but things are about to change. Early next year Scion will offer the new iQ minicar and it will be followed by a few other products including a production version of the Hako concept unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

According to Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion, the future line-up will be a "a mix of evolution and revolution". The future line-up might also include a rear-wheel-drive compact performance vehicle and a production version of theToyota A-BAT pickup concept. In the next few years we also expect redesigns - or replacements - for both the xB and xD models.

"I don’t think Scion needs to be reinvented, but we need to find the next dimension," Hollis said. Hollis declined to say whether the vehicles would be additions to the lineup or made to replace existing vehicles, but in the past, Hollis said that if the Hako were built, it would be an addition.


I’m sorry but this one looks like a toy. I am not a big fan of box-type of cars.

Update this car already. Even the Camry has a new engine. For the love of the flying spaghetti monster!

I was skeptical about the box too. I had some time to kill one day and test drove the Scion line up. The Xb was surprisingly capable. Good power - (not very good mpg’s.) There was no telescoping wheel. I hate when there is no telescoping wheel.

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