Scion's Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz at the LA Auto Show

Scion ’s Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen made an appearance at the LA Auto Show, further proving that it just might be the future of all tailgating vehicles.

Designed by MV Designz, the Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen comes with everything you can find in the kitchen short of the food itself. It’s got a fridge on one side, a cutting board on the left rear door, a tailgate barbeque grill, an ice chest and a sink with a reverse osmosis system, cooking utensils on the left tail light and condiments on the right side.

Really, did MV Designz leave anything out?

Source: Jalopnik


Well, that was an appetizing design. If it were bigger it would have been great. I mean if it could fit more people inside it. If I were to go on camping, I’d rather take a huge truck and fit all the family members inside and all the stuffs needed on the back than to drive two cars going out.

Yeah, I think it’s perfect for vacation tripping that you don’t need to search for a holiday inn that have kitchen, just by this Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen, you can definitely cook, grill and wash dishes. Really good innovation or should I say a concept of Scion.

The LA Auto Show is a place where you can find the unusual, unusual in a positive note. This feature presented by the MV Designs will make literally make your car a home.

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