SeriousHP's Turbo Kit can Nearly Double the Ferrari 360 Modena's Horsepower

The Ferrari 360 Modena is out at the picture from quite some time now (ever since 2005), but we are pretty sure that some of you are driving one and want to upgrade its output level. For those of you interested, Texas-based tuner, SeriousHP, has developed a turbo kit that will almost double the engine’s output.

Your stock Ferrari 360 Modena is powered by a 3.6-liter naturally aspired V-8 engine that delivers a total of 405 horsepower. SeriousHP’s turbo kit increases the output up to an astounding 791 horsepower. That’s a monstrous 95.3-percent horsepower increase.

In order to obtain this outrageous bump, the tuner will install a new turbocharging system, forged pistons, an upgraded fuel system, Pro-Efi 128 engine management, ceramic coated 67-66 Precision Turbo billet and a reinforced transmission.

With the extra power, the 360 Modena will run the quarter mile in just 10 seconds and will be capable o hitting a top speed of 190 mph. If you want to order this amazing tuning kit, you will have to shell out $38,000. For the upgrades it includes, we think that’s a bargain.

Hit the jump to watch the Ferrari 360 Modena by SeriousHP on dyno.


definitely a car that makes you a particular image

I can have a ride with one friend in this car, but that’s it! no space not even for my doggysmiley

uhhhh, will I ever have such a car?! smiley

as I can see, with this new kit, you will have no space in the car, not at all...

I love this red. it’s sooo nice. I find it perfect for a woman.

awesome job! more than 95 per cent is something.

i like this car. is simply great. and now, the greatestsmiley

oh- my- dear- god!!!! quite impressive, right? almost double?!

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