Sexy Girls at Moscow International Auto Salon 2012

The auto show circuit has its spotlight solely pointed towards Russia for the 16th Moscow International Auto Salon . Open from August 31 to September 9, the 2012 MIAS has become a noteworthy attraction for auto enthusiasts, and the best part is that the cars aren’t the only attractions during the 10-day long auto show.

The event is expected to generate 1 million visitors, a lot of whom, presumably at least, come from the biggest country in the world. The sheer size of the event - there are 23 world premiers, 21 European premiers, and 85 Russian premiers - also affords visitors an opportunity to interact with more than just the stars of the show.

The sexy and downright mesmerizing girls of the 2012 Moscow International Auto Salon may not be the reason for the event, but boy, do they make for a good complement to the cars.

Check out the gallery below to see the hot babes from the 2012 Moscow International Auto Salon.


actually, I was there and when the girls came, the Auto Salon becomes Hot.

I really regret not going to that Auto Salon!

Nice car and hot girls make good complement for the cars.

The car is very suitable for this lovely girls.

Those cars are being set aside, because of the hot girls.

The Girls are really sexy, hot and stunning. No wonder there are many boys there.

Boys are somehow happy seeing hot girls there in the car show.

Wow. This girls can catch the attention of the buyers instead of the cars

If you want to see real hot girls, don’t go anywhere else! Just attend some car shows and you will surely see them really hot!

I think most of the people who went there are looking at the girls instead of the car.

Hot girls make the car more hotter!.

All of them are pretty and sexy. They really showed how great the car for girls like them.

I agree, they just have these girls to show how great is the car that needs to be match on hot cars like this.

With or without sexy girls, the cars are still the center of attraction.

They really show same sexiness like their cars on that auto show. I like seeing your gallery for the hot women as hot as the limited units of the companies.

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