Shadow Hawk "Super Terrain Vehicle"

Shadow Hawk Vehicles has announced the Street Hawk "Super Terrain Vehicle", a €1 million vehicle that combines the performances of a road machine with the capabilities of an off road vehicle. It will be limited to just 12 units per year with sales beginning in late 2011 and will be built upon request.

The Street Hawk develops a total of 1100 HP and 1805 lbs-ft and returns a fuel economy of 22mpg. With a total weight of 4,800 lbs, the Shadow Hawk can make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds and has a calculated top speed of 208mph. The vehicle is all-wheel-drive and sits 40 inches tall with 15.5 inch wide tires and 22 inch wheels.

Customers will be able to chose from a two door or a four door version as well as being able to choose the exterior color, interior fabrics, satellite systems, five-point harnesses, run flat systems, sleeper, towing packages, right-hand drive, armament, and much more.

Does anyone else think this vehicle looks like a cross between a Hummer and a Winnebago with a killer instinct? Anyone?

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With the HP and torque this has... with the speed as well as extreme off road ability combined with a camper or armoring ability... then consider how it still gets 22 mpg and has extreme handling as well as luxury and all packaged into a very small foot print..

One nice car i mean truck i mean Soper terrain Vehicle indeed..
A bit pricy though and is still a few months off for those who can afford it

Yeah, I only seen those figure performance on Bugatti car. I think for a sports utility that figure is quite excessive. BTW, those car is like a character from Transformer, doesn’t mean that they have found a new model?

Yeah, I have to agree that this car doesn’t look good for a sports utility and I would say that there are a lot of better looking car than this. However, what so fascinating about this car is that it has an amazing power performance..1100 hp is quite like a Bugatti car!

A weird off road vehicle, I am a bit worried of the selling power of this one. I don’t think the public will take a glance of it.

Upon checking this page, I thought am browsing a toy site. But actually, it’s for real. Have you seen this kind of vehicle off the road?Well, hope you’ll able to take a snapshot of it. It’s rare and absolutely, WEIRD.

it looks like an airplane tag truck.. I bet they are using this as an off road vehicle.

Well, great idea, huh! But I don’t really like the design.

Nice, interior!!So cool!

Well, according to the article, as of right now it’s Middle-East only. I don’t know what the CUV market is like there, though.

Was that a two inverted trucks? Looks so boring to me. Are they forming a team? And transform into a huge vehicle like what we see in the movies?

If this works, I bet it can climb mountain because it have adjustable terrain adopting wheels. I’t can extend and shortens depending on the route taken.

This one is definitely one cool machine. Hope that this won’t end up the same way the Humvee did.

haha. How I wish it was..that would be so cool..smiley

At first it seems like an auto from the transformer movie. Does it change from a military car to a robot?smiley

Is this model inspired from “Transformer” just kidding. It really looks like the H2 but this one is much smaller but the engine performs really

it is more like the H2.

well nothing is impossible though.. i guess it has a 4 motor 1 on each wheel.

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